XPC Club Hunt Guidelines




  • The hunt will start the Friday Night after the monthly Club Meeting and end at Noon that Sunday. (Hunting begins on Saturday except where night hunting is permitted)(ALL hunters need to return to camp by noon Sunday)


  • All hunters will camp at the Club Campsite.


  • All hunters will need to submit there $5.oo to the Hunt Chairman by Friday night prior to any hunting activities. (The monthly meeting is a great time to pay)


  • There will be a minimum of two (2) hunters per hunting party.


  • Individual hunters will be paired up with others and/or teams of three (3) will be created.


  • All hunts are open to Hand Calling and/or E Calling


  • There are two categories of hunters.

    • Rookies

    • Veterans


  • You are considered a Rookie until you have called in Five (5) coyotes that have been legally harvested.


  • If you begin the season as a Rookie, you end the season as a Rookie even if you surpass the requirements of a Veteran. The following season you will begin with the title of Veteran.


  • For the Club Hunt you will need to provide Proof of Kill. Bring your game carcass back to camp to receive your points.


  • Any harvested animals outside of the Club Hunt will only require a picture to be submitted. (Animals harvested outside of the Club Hunt do not count towards your point totals)


  • Points given for called and harvested predators (Club Hunts Only):

    • Coyotes                    = 20 Points

    • Foxes                        = 10 Points

    • Bobcats                    = 50 Points

    • Mountain Lions     = 100 Points

    • The Shooter receives 1 Point


  • At the end of the year, all the points from the Club Hunts are totaled and compared to determine the winners of 4 awards.

    • Top Rookie Caller

    • Top Veteran Caller

    • Top Hand Caller

    • Top Shooter

Copyright 2022, No animals were harmed in the making

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